Who We Are

Our Story

For the better part of 15 years, Pastors Merrick and Tiffany Deans faithfully served under the leadership of their beloved pastor and father, Bishop Leonard N. Smith. Under his covering, both were licenced and ordained while leading in a number of ministry capacities. After receiving his blessing and guidance to pursue their call to plant, our pastors planned out and prayed for what would become Heart Church. Under the direction of God and vision of Pastor Merrick, our founders planted Heart Church, in October 2021, hosting a vision-casting gathering with 10 volunteers and 25 attendees. After a number of outreach and connection events, Heart Church officially launched in June 2022 with a growing community of over 100 believers desiring to draw closer to God and others!

Our Why

We exist to be a channel for Christ to purify the hearts of people and a catalyst for people to pursue the heart of God.

Our Way

Our plans and practices are guided by our H.E.A.R.T.-centered values:
H - Health:
Pursue Spiritual, Mental, & Physical Wellness
E - Effectiveness:
Make Impact & Improvement
A - Authenticity:
Embrace & Express Who We Are
R - Relationship:
Foster Connection with God & Others
T - Transparency:
Work with Openness & Integrity

Our Work

We impact others by meeting needs, making disciples, and moving together.